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The turn-based combat system employs a unique Risk system, where several actions can be taken per round, but accumulated Risk from reckless actions can cause a combatant to fumble, becoming vulnerable to attack.


Risk is the act of being reckless. When a character takes a risk, they can continue in the same turn without being pended in the following.

To perform a risk, the player can hold down the SHIFT key to activate risk. Risk is denoted by speed lines appearing on the screen. When a risk is performed, the character gets an extra action for their current turn. Risk does not provide additional bonuses albeit earning an extra action.

Taking a risk will increase the character's "risk gauge," denoted by an increasing red bar in the interface. Risk increases whenever a character performs a series of risky actions in a succession. Risky attacks increases the risk gauge a lot, while trivial risky maneuvers such as "dashing" and "standing by" increase the risk by a little. The higher the risk gauge, the more likely the character may stumble during their following risky commands.

If a character "stumbles" the character's turn immediately ends and their defense decreases until their upcoming turn. If the risk gauge becomes full as a result of successful risk attacks without stumble, the character gets a "Daredevil Bonus," but ends their turn afterwards. Risk gauge resets every time a turn ends.



Action How to Perform Description Risk Description
Move Left click The character moves up to their movement speed. Dash The character moves, but takes a risk.
Attack Right click enemy The character makes a melee attack. You must be within range of the enemy. Reckless The character attacks, but takes a risk.
Blast Right click enemy The character makes a melee attack. You must not be adjacent to the enemy. Reckless The character blasts, but takes a risk.
Defend Right click self The character hunkers down and incoming damage is halved. NA NA

Game Over

Should the player character's HP becomes zero at any point, the game will end.

Incapacitation and Revival

If an ally other than the player character is reduced to 0 HP, they will become incapacitated. This causes them to drop all their items and vanish from the player's party, reappearing back at the player's Stronghold.

Being incapacitated prevents the player from adding that Bastard to their party, but they can still be talked to at the Stronghold as normal, and be given items to hold.

Every time EXP is awarded, (i.e. when the XP% has increased and the player exits the level,) including the session where the Bastard was incapacitated, the player will be given a basic Challenge to revive them. A Challenge Grid with Skulls and Pluses will appear, where a Skull means the incapacitated Bastard's condition will not change, and a Plus will revive them.

Every subsequent attempt when that character has not been revived will give the player an additional click on the grid. (The second attempt will give 2 clicks, the third will give 3 clicks, etc.) If the player has any Healers hired in their Stronghold, additional Pluses will be added to the grid, increasing the chances of successful revival.